Close-up of a woman in a white dress holding her hat in one hand while carrying a black bag around her shoulder.
A woman from the back standing in a green field while carrying her handbag on her back.
A black handbag placed on grass with an ornament mirror facing away.
A black handbag from the front.
Close-up of a black bag showing details like the golden lock.
A black bag from the back side.
A black handbag turned over on its back.
A black bag turned 45 degrees and showing a COCOPAT logo on the side.
A black bag viewed from above while it's open.
Two black bags in different sizes from the front side.

Fatma Mini black croco

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This bag is not a result of mass production.
Every COCOPAT bag is handmade in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe) through a traditional manufacturing process. Time and effort has been devoted to each detail on every bag, which can be seen as well as felt in the final product.
Its an unique and original designed for COCOPAT®.


-Handmade from 100% vegan leather
-light gold hardware
-H18.0 x W21.0 x D08.0 cm
-1 detachable short strap 
-1 detachable long adjustable strap

-camel & tweed
-dusty pink
-forest green