Cocopat Aria bag

Hello Aria!
''Camera bag'' Cocopat way
Just the right size for all your essentials, Aria bag is your (and our) new favourite bag.

Double zip pockets are something new we've never designed before and we can ask ourselves one thing; why were we waiting for so long?
Aria bag comes with 2 straps; short one and long, adjustable crossbody strap. Both of them detachable so you can choose to wear one or 2 at the same time. 
Gold plated logo is specially designed by the Cocopat team and fits this bag perfectly. 

Need an idea how to style your Aria bag?
Check our campaign photos under!

cocopat aria cocopat handmade bags
cocopat aria handmade bag Cocopat aria handmade bag

Cocopat Aria bag handmade
cocopat aria handmade bag
aria cocopat bag vegan leer

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